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The United States Navy: Nuclear Propulsion

The United States Navy - Nuclear Propulsion

Today's Navy is a powerful presence in the world, fulfilling a critical role in everything from war fighting to peacekeeping to humanitarian assistance - at sea, on land and in the air.

It's made up of highly specialized communities that apply their skills to serve our nation's interests around the globe. And as a leader in technology, it trains, develops and utilizes top professionals.

Navy Nuclear Propulsion is an elite community within the Navy - offering those who qualify some of the most fulfilling problem-solving challenges of the day. Here, enter into one of the best nuclear programs in existence. Train to be a respected Navy Nuclear Officer and a recognized leader in the nuclear field. Get advanced postgraduate education and accelerated hands-on learning. And all the while, work with cutting-edge technology in exciting settings, collaborating with top industry professionals - military and civilian.

As a Nuclear Officer, it is possible to specialize in any of these career focus areas:

Submarine Officer - Oversee the specialized personnel, departments and missions of Navy attack, ballistic missile and guided missile submarines - taking charge of all that goes into driving, powering, arming, operating and ultimately commanding these quintessentially stealth vessels

Surface Warfare Officer - Oversee propulsion systems and personnel aboard multibillion-dollar, megaton, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers - managing the operational intricacies of the most capable ships on earth

Naval Reactors Engineer - Be part of the core group of technical experts responsible for researching, designing and maintaining naval nuclear reactors across the Navy Fleet - supporting all the activities involved with ongoing operations and personnel training

Nuclear Power School Instructor - Be one of the select who learn, then teach the fundamentals of nuclear propulsion - guiding Navy understudies through a comprehensive curriculum encompassing everything from science to math, electrical engineering to reactor dynamics

The initial Navy commitment ranges from four to five years depending on focus area. But it's time spent gaining unrivaled experience, benefits and respect.

Learn more about careers in Navy Nuclear Propulsion and life as a Navy Nuclear Officer.

Research Companies > Company Profiles > The United States Navy: Nuclear Propulsion