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Power Verbs To Include

Liven up your resume with this bank of power words

By the editors of gecc magazine

accelerated accommodated accomplished
achieved acquired acted
activated adapted added
addressed adjusted administered
admitted advanced advised
aided alleviated allocated
allowed altered ameliorated
amended analyzed appointed
apportioned appraised apprised
approved approximated arbitrated
arranged ascertained assembled
assessed assigned assisted
attained attested audited
augmented authored authorized
balanced bolstered boosted
brainstormed budgeted built
calculated catalogued centralized
certified chaired charted
clarified classified coached
collaborated collected commissioned
committed communicated compared
compiled composed computed
conceptualized concluded confirmed
consented consolidated constructed
contracted contributed converted
convinced cooperated coordinated
correlated corresponded counseled
created critiqued customized
debugged deciphered dedicated
delegated deliberated demonstrated
designated designed determined
devaluated developed devised
diagnosed directed disbursed
dispatched displayed drafted
eased eclipsed edited
educated elevated elicited
employed empowered enabled
encouraged endorsed engineered
enhanced enlarged enlisted
enriched enumerated envisioned
established estimated evaluated
examined excelled executed
exercised expanded expedited
explained extended extracted
fabricated facilitated familiarized
fashioned figured finalized
forecasted formulated fostered
founded fulfilled  
generated grew guaranteed
identified illustrated implemented
improved improvised increased
indexed indicated inferred
influenced informed initiated
innovated inspected inspired
instituted instructed integrated
interceded interpreted interviewed
introduced invented investigated
involved issued  
judged justified  
launched lectured led
licensed lightened linked
maintained marketed measured
mediated minimized mobilized
modeled moderated modernized
modified monitored motivated
officiated operated orchestrated
organized originated overhauled
performed persuaded pioneered
planned polished prepared
prescribed prioritized processed
procured produced programmed
projected promoted publicized
queried questioned  
raised rated realized
recommended reconciled recorded
recruited rectified reduced (losses)
refined referred reformed
regarded regulated rehabilitated
reinforced rejuvenated related
relieved remedied remodeled
repaired reported represented
researched reserved resolved (problems)
restored retrieved revamped
reviewed revised revitalized
sanctioned satisfied scheduled
screened scrutinized secured
served set goals settled
shaped smoothed solicited
solved sought spearheaded
specified spoke stimulated
streamlined strengthened studied
submitted substantiated suggested
summarized supervised supplemented
surveyed sustained synthesized
tabulated tailored traced
trained transacted transformed
translated transmitted  
updated upgraded  
validated valued verified

Adapted with permission from the Career Resource Manual of the University of California, Davis.


Articles > Feature Articles